Data Protection

What Information Security Controls Have Implemented in Your Organisation that Mitigate the Risks to Which it is Subject?

HEADIT CONSULTING provides to the Companies the development of a management system for information security. This system is based on a set of policies, procedures, processes and safety rules based on standards and international best practices for Compliance, data Protection and CiberSecurity.

 Our Services:

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IT Policy Compliance

Implement a Successful IT Policy Compliance Program Within Your Company. We preparing your organization's IT operations to comply with laws and regulations - and how to prove compliance to an auditor. Learn more.

HR Consulting

General Data Protection

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be applied in 2018, and is in line with the European Data Protection Act.
Any public or private entity must have your data in accordance with the law. Learn more.

HR Webapps

Compliance Training

Learn the best practices about compliance and security for you company.You can choose your training to your teams according with your needs. Learn more.